Lyrics: “Paradigm” – Foreign Figures

I need a sign for tonightWill I survive?This test of timeOn and on we move alongNot taking sides, just asking why ParadigmI’m starting to see thatAll my lifeBeen waiting for summerDay and nightI fight like a winnerHold me tightMy heart is a killer ParadigmFinding my paradigm Lately I feel desensitizedCliches and rhymes have me contrivedJust […]

Lyrics: “Force Of Nature” – Foreign Figures

It is a force of nature Have you felt stuck or insane?To venture or to evadeWake yourself before it’s overThere is no better escape It is a force of natureTo follow what you were made forOh, this is a force of natureYou can’t stop this feeling any longerHear the mountain call for your surrenderDrop and […]

Lyrics: “Wildflower” – The National Parks

My eyes, my eyes have been staring at the ceilingFor a while, for a while now my heart’s got this feelingMy eyes, my eyes, my eyes, there must be more for seeingAnd I know, and I know that everybody’s dreamingThey grow, they grow like titans or it seems andI know, I know I must be planted for a reason […]

Lyrics: “Painkillers” – The Strike

I watch your friendsAt table threeDrinking away their jealousy I watch your brother Trying to hideA case of wandering eyes And your dad in the back is spending money that he don’t haveAnd your cousin in the front is spending time with another man And they’re begging for painkillersSo we play the songs from when […]

Lyrics: “Devils In The Canyon” – The Strike

Tossed out of heavenOut on the runI don’t know where we’re goingBut we’ve been coming undone for quite some time Oh don’t you give me those eyesCuz there’s no turning backAnd with forever on the lineI’m hoping heaven has the heart to cut us some slack Oh mother won’t you say a prayer A prayer […]

Lyrics: “Nothing New” – The Strike

South bound drive on a desert night Cruise control at 95 Watching for the Vegas lights Still not sure how we all got in With white shirts and innocence Heavens on hold again And I said Oh my my my I saw you from across the room Black dress and Sunday shoes Oh my my […]

Lyrics: “The World Keeps Turning” – The Strike

(Hey, hey) Another day, another yearComing ’round againSo hard knowing how to live for the present cuz time’s an unreliable friendWhile the world keeps turning (hey, hey) Another hope, another dreamStaring down the roadIt’s easy wishing for another life And it’s twice as hard to face the unknown ‘Cause the world keeps turnin’And the heart […]

Lyrics: “Sweet Honey” – Michael Barrow and The Tourists

There’s a girl that I’ve been keeping my eye on She’s got a way of getting under my skin And every time I feel like I’m getting closer Ooh, she’s just not letting me in But I need that sweet honey Just a little taste on my tongue Give me that sweet honey I want […]

Lyrics: “Never Stop” – Michael Barrow and The Tourists

Oh, I love the way you drive me crazy You know every way to frustrate me You get me high and you bring me down But you’re always there when I hit the ground Will I ever stop? Will I ever stop? Oh, will I ever stop – ever stop loving you? Will I ever […]

Lyrics: “Something New” – Michael Barrow and The Tourists

I’ve heard it all before But it’s different this time I could listen to your disapproval on repeat When I’m supposed to be Trying to make the most of me Instead of stumbling through the door And falling down on the floor at your feet But for you I want to be something new I […]


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