Review: Cody Taylor’s Debut Album

by M. Lewis Barker

Hey you kids, follow @Provo_Music on Twitterto get all my fast updates, first impressions, and snarky comments (mostly the latter)!Cody Taylor has finally finished his self-titled debut album. He has been performing in and around Provo for quite some time, perfecting his sound and working on the album. Cody plays a fairly traditional form of singer/songwriter folk, similar to artists such as Damien Rice, Elliott Smith, and even Nickel Creek. His shows are often just him with an acoustic guitar, occasionally accompanied by someone on violin or cello. The raw emotion he displays gives Cody the individuality that otherwise might be lacking in such a traditional American genre.I was able to obtain a copy of Cody Taylor’s Cody Taylor last week and have hopefully given it enough listens for an honest review (or in Cody’s own words, “brutally honest”). To start off, the album is good. Very good. The more and more I hear from local artists, the more I am convinced that the only difference between the unknown and famous is exposure. Take a listen to the album’s third track, “Don’t Go”:

The album will officially be released next week on Thursday, March 24 at the Release Show at Velour with the Second Estate, Donnie Bonelli, and Wolves. Cody will be playing with a full band, an experience I have personally wanted to see for a long time. If you want to pre-order the album at a cheaper cost, e-mail Cody himself. You can also download it from The CD shows that local artists can do it just as good if not better than famous acts, and you would do a lot to support that cause by purchasing a copy.You can also buy the album on iTunes! And I suggest you do.



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