by M. Lewis Barker

I would like to start off by saying that The Grove Theater, a new venue in Pleasant Grove located in a wonderful building with a very high capacity, is looking for bands to play there. Contact (Nate Baldwin) to play there!

As you can already see, we’re starting to make some changes to this blog. We are now known as The Provo Music Guide. You can become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. There are now a small handful of writers, and we are always looking for more! We have a new domain name registered and within the next few weeks will be leaving Blogger in order to add some needed features.

One thing that we really want Provo musicians and fans alike to have is a database of our many local acts. So right now we’ve created a list of all the bands we could think of. That list will include links to the bands’ music, Facebook/Myspace/official pages, and if the band is willing, contact information for press and booking purposes. I am including the list in this post so you all can help me make it as accurate as possible. (Please note that some of these bands are recently defunct or have moved from Provo, but I include them anyway.)

90s Television
Abby Normal
Adding Machines
The Apache
The Archer’s Apple
Archie Crisanto
Aubrey & Alexander
Baby Ghosts
Benton Paul
Big Trub
Blind Actuaries
Book on Tapeworm
Boots to the Moon
Boy and His Balloon
The Brocks
The Broken Spells
Burnt Reynolds & His Hot Bones
Caleb Loveless
Calm Paradox
Casanova Frankenstein
Chance Lewis
Chasing Xan
Code Hero
Cody Rigby
Cody Taylor
Colleen Green
Cory Mon & the Starlight Gospel
Crab Scratch Ecstasy
The Crylics
Denney in Stereo
Desert Noises
The Devil Whale
Dream Eater
Drew Danburry
Eden Express
Emily Brown
Eyes Lips Eyes
Father Time
The Federal Party Players
Ferocious Oaks
Follow the Earth
Ghost in a Jar
Glowing Heads
Goodnight Annabelle
Gypsy Cab
Hard Drive to France
Holy Water Buffalo
The Howitzers
Imagine Dragons
In Dreaming
Isaac Russel
J. Wride
Jacket Weather
Jennifer Blosil
John Ross Boyce & His Troubles
John Thomas Marco
Joshua James
Just for the Record
Kathleen Frewin
Katie Brandeburg
Kite Theory
Lindsey Stirling
The Lovecapades
The Lucky Crickets
The Lunatic
Lucid 8
Mad Diving Barons
Mason Porter
Matt Weidauer
The Mighty Sequoyah
Nate Baldwin & the Sound
The Neighbors
Neon Trees
Night Night
OK Ikumi
The Old Grey Geese
Pablo Blaqk
Parlor Hawk
Prince of Whales
Red Orange
Return to Sender
Ring of Scribes
Rollercoaster for Henry
Ryan Innes
Sayde Price
The Second Estate
The Second Round
Seve vs. Evan
Shady Chapel
Shark Speed
The Soft Bler
Street Legal
Tighty Willis
Till We Have Faces
Toy Bombs
Vibe Rising
Vibrant Sound
White Elephant
Wild Apples
The Whits

As you can see, it’s a very big list. Help from anyone and everyone is very much appreciated and necessary for a project like this. I am not looking to exclude anyone, but please keep in mind that I am only included bands rooted in Utah County, and no bands that have broken up for more than a year or so. Thanks for the support and love!

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