Provo± Episode 0 is now online!

by M. Lewis Barker

We have a brand new video that showcases the ever growing music scene here in Provo, and you may even see yourself in it!

This is a project for a class that I’m in, and another thing we are doing is an artist statement. I thought I would share this with you, as it applies to the video above, my visual art, my music, and even this site.

Art doesn’t have to be pretentious. I aim to both entertain and enlighten. My art should have a pleasing aesthetic, but still aim to do something new and different. Genres can be mixed, and limiting myself to just one should be avoided. I have no aims to please neither the masses nor the critics, only myself. But I hope that, in making the kind of art I would like to see, others can also gain something from the experience. I use vibrant colors, no matter the medium (even though my favorite works are pencil sketches). I work in both the visual arts and in sound and aim to mix and match these two areas in original ways. Art can be fun and enjoyable with emotions worn on the sleeve. But I also like the psychological aspects of it – what it does to the artist and viewer alike. We can continue to change what art is and its purpose in society.



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