UVU Battle of the Bands: Photos & Impressions

by Guest

This is a guest post from Urban Media‘s Ashley Hutchison. Check out Urban Media Show for coverage of Utah’s Hip-Hop scene!

The UVU Battle of the Bands was an exciting event that drew a very good crowd of people to listen to bands battle it out to see who the ultimate band was. There was free popcorn, cotton candy, tee-shirt making, and live music!! UVU sure knows how to throw a party. The event was not only fun and exciting but filled with very talented people. I must admit though I only stayed long enough to take photos of Goodnight Annabelle and then had to leave, reluctantly on my part. But from what I heard the rest of the bands were amazing. Everyone did a great job. The first band I listened to set a great mood. A local band called, The Second Round whom I also took pictures of so that I could get the lighting just right for Goodnight Annabelle. The Second Round did a great job especially since they had some technical difficulties, which I personally didn’t notice until I was told. Goodnight Annabelle was downright amazing. Their music is amazing every song bringing on a new passion and love for what they do and you as the crowd can definitely feel their passion. I hope to see them go big someday, they could definitely make it.


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