DJ Battle at Muse Music

by Anthony Ambriz

Most people aren’t aware of the huge Hip Hop scene found in Provo. When people think of “Provo Music” the thoughts that come to mind are a handful of indie rock bands, acoustic guitar players, and the occasional success stories.

But the scene is thriving from solo rappers, groups, and turntabilists. A lot of these artists have been playing at house parties, BYU events, UVU events, Velour and Muse Music. In fact the scene has been around for over a decade now. The sad thing is if you ask someone who there favorite Provo rapper is they’ll probably tell you B Money and then laugh. No disrespect to B Money, but with MCs like Definit, SiD, Apt, Chance Lewis, and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop as well as the the legendary Numbs, giving an answer like B Money is disrespectful to the culture and the Hip Hop music scene.

Chance Lewis and Apt at Muse Music

Luckily, Urban Media, Life Elevated Hip Hop, Chance Lewis & Apt and The Crate Dwellers have worked hard to keep the scene alive and bring it to the masses. Urban Media has interviewed and featured exclusive footage of the underground hip hop scene for the past 2 years. Life Elevated has brought together 3 Hip Hop elements (MCs, Bboys, and DJs) under one roof at Muse Music. Chance Lewis & Apt have packed the house at Muse Music with awesome local MCs and The Crate Dwellers have kept the art of turntablism alive and well all over Utah County and beyond.

I present to you this video produced by Urban Media at a Life Elevated Hip Hop Event at Muse Music Cafe. Turntablism is a lost art amongst a lot of Utah DJs but if there are any out there that would like to showcase their stuff or battle it out let me know and we’ll take care of you.

Shout out to all the Hip Hop heads, fans, supporters, and especially Muse Music for making a home for the scene.

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And Provo Music Guide gives a shout out to these up and coming artists:

Tron Majik

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