Phaya: Song For Japan

by anthonyambriz

If you’ve been to a dance party in Utah County or Salt Lake County you’ve probably seen a stylish Haitian on a stage telling people to drop it low, put their hands in the air, or get up! You probably know his name and even know how to spell it, P H A Y A.

Phaya is a pop star in Provo. Sure we have indie rock bands and folk singers who have gone on to make it big, but none of them have as much charisma and charm as Phaya.

Phaya learned English about 2 years ago. Once he could speak and write, he started recording, performing, and building up a fan base that most local artists haven’t reached. He became popular from the chorus on a song known as “Miley Cyrus Virus”. Then he helped bring thousands of dollars to Haitian organizations for earthquake victims with his rendition of “Women Don’t Cry” by Bob Marley. Now he is releasing a music video to help Japan’s tsunami victims with his take on a Kanye West song. Phaya will also be releasing a full-length album and more music videos before he leaves on his mission. He will be serving in New York, New York. The kid loves to party and knows how to keep a party live!

All I know is that parties won’t be the same.


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