Ryan Innes and Midas Whale – The Voice Comes to Velour

A year and a half ago blue-eyed soul singer Ryan Innes and folk duo Midas Whale were on The Voice stage. On Friday they’ll share the stage again, this time at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo.

By Brittany Plothow

Ryan Innes is a staple of the Provo music scene and has earned himself a solid following of fans who dig his soulful, melt-my-butter style (hardcore fans will catch the butter reference). Innes keeps himself busy, playing shows up and down the Wasatch Front and traveling all over the country working with music professionals and releasing new music.

Midas Whale is made up of two friends from Rexburg, Idaho: Ryan Hayes and Jon Peter Lewis. American Idol fans will remember Lewis as the “pen salesmen” lovingly deemed “JPL” by Ryan Seacrest. Lewis teamed up with Hayes and created Midas Whale in time to audition successfully for The Voice. They were audience favorites and won over the judges with their impressive harmonies and witty stage personas. They have since released a full-length album and also produce a Halloween musical, Deep Love, which runs in Idaho and Salt Lake City annually.

Both Innes and Midas Whale were cut from The Voice fairly early on in the competition; however, they used the momentum to their advantage. Following their time as part of Team Usher and Team Adam respectively, they joined forces for a successful west coast tour.

Now they are combining forces yet again. This is only Midas Whale’s second trip down to Provo, the first being last year’s “Cowboys and Indies” showcase at Velour.

To get your butter melted by Ryan Innes and to see Midas Whale howl at the moon, get your tickets for Friday’s show here. Watch the incredible Ryan Innes cover of “Gravity” below.

[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on before they changed to their new discussion-based format. All articles from Provo Buzz have been reposted here with permission. This article has received minor edits for grammar.]

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