Spirit City’s New Lyric Video Will Give You Goosebumps

“The song is about coming together as a community.”


By Davis Blount

Spirit City, an upbeat rock band that isn’t afraid of a little synth, just dropped a powerful new music video for their single, “We Are The Ones.” For those unfamiliar with the song, the song tells the story from two perspectives: those in need of help and the community that gathers around these individuals. The opening verses tell the story of individuals drowning in the bleak reality of their existence. They, according to the lyrics, are the ones who “live [their] lives alone, never letting the sunlight guide them home.” The shift of the song then changes to the community around these struggling souls. The battle cry is heard: “Get up, get up!” The song ends with a profound plea, reminding listeners that we must be the change we want to see.


To truly capture the essence of this song, Spirit City took to the streets of Provo to make a lyric video that helped feature the feelings of community and belonging that can be felt locally. According to Cori Pace, bassist of the group, “The song ‘We Are The Ones’ is about coming together as a community to help lift each other through hard times and trials in life. We really wanted to capture our local culture and the ‘togetherness’ Provo has.”

As you watch their thought-provoking music video, you may see some familiar faces!

Check out their Facebook page here for updates on the band and for more awesome music. If you want to see the band perform, they will be headlining a show in Salt Lake at the Complex on August 20th. Get tickets at


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