Diatom Orbits Pluto With New Single

A self-identified “musical activist,” Diatom is gearing up for a full length album.

By Davis Blount

Since discreetly dropping a seriously underrated single, “Oji,” earlier this summer, Diatom has kept relatively quiet on her next move. Having touted on social media outlets her Solar/Lunar album for the past few months, this Medusa Collective affiliate is gearing up to promote the album in earnest.


Diatom’s first official offering from the album is “Orbit Pluto,” the lead single off of what should be a highly anticipated release of 2016. The artist had this to say about what fans should expect: “’Orbit Pluto’ is a song about the marginalization of women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and people of color who experience racism. I wanted to write the song out of a place of compassion for anyone who has suffered these injustices. Pluto is my metaphor for marginalized and oppressed people.”

Photo by Taylor Grayson

Diatom’s serene, almost otherworldly harmonies are paired with upbeat, synth-y instrumental. Synthesized satellite blips give way to gentle symbol crashes and Diatom’s own serene lyrics. Listeners will find themselves humming the bars of “Orbit Pluto” long after giving the song a listen.

A self-identified “musical activist,” Diatom has big plans for the near future and wants to kick it off at Studio Studio Dada by debuting “Orbit Pluto” on Friday, December 11th. The show is free, but donations are earmarked towards organizations like Utah Pride Center, Ogden Outreach, and Safe and Sound.

You can follow Diatom to get updates about the upcoming Solar/Lunar album on Instagram @marinathediatom.


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