Check Out This Epic Guitar Cover of “Hello”

This local musician climbed to the top of a mountain – just so he could play guitar on it.

By Richard Provost

Provo guitarist Ryan Rostrom recently released a music video for his cover of Adele’s “Hello.” The video, filmed on Step Mountain in Herriman, Utah is absolutely breathtaking. Sweeping drone shots capture the vast expanse of the Traverse Mountain Range as Rostrom, a small figure in comparison to the scenery behind him, soulfully wails on his Epiphone E 339.

“I knew I wanted to do something out in the mountains because the arrangement has a very wide feel and I often go outside to draw inspiration from the scenery around here,” says Rostrom. “I grew up in the center of Tokyo and since I moved to Utah in high school, the mountains have never ceased to amaze me. I discovered Step Mountain a few years ago in a geology class where we studied it and learned that it’s actually a dried up volcano. So yeah, I literally played guitar on top of a volcano.”

Sky Kings Media shot the video with a quadcopter. As they hiked up the mountain, Rostrom and the video crew would stop along the way to let the drone loose and capture some footage. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so cool in my life as when I was jamming up there with the camera flying circles around me.  The scenery, the wind, the cameras, the song – everything just worked perfectly in that moment.  It was amazing.”  The shoot took approximately two hours, and editing was completed the next day.

Rostrom works at Rock Canyon studios in Provo and has been playing guitar for eight years. His experience shines through in his performance. Check out the video below and make sure to like Ryan Rostrom on Facebook.

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