Amber Lynn Releases Impressive New Music Video

Amber Lynn releases a jaw-dropping live cover following her departure from American Idol.

By Zach Collier

Today, Amber Lynn released a live cover of Sia’s “Bird Set Free.” The video, shot by Nik Day, features Rashida Call on keys and background vocals, Ryan Margetts on guitar, Alex Vincent on bass, and Aaron Anderson on drums. Provo rapper Na-G also makes a guest appearance. The recording was tracked by Stephen Newman at VelvetEcho Studios.

Amber Lynn released this cover after being sent home from the final season of American Idol. Amber was one of four contestants from Utah Valley who made it to Hollywood after auditions. Provo’s James VIII  and Orem’s Jenn Blosil have made it on to the Top 24,[1] while Orem’s Bri Ray didn’t make it past Hollywood[2] and Amber Lynn barely missed the cut for the Top 24.

Shortly after her departure from American Idol, Amber said on social media that she was exhausted, but overall content and happy with her Idol experience. “God is all-loving and all-knowing. So I rest easy. Proud of my hard work, grateful for my experience, and excited about the always unpredictable future.” She also included this declaration: “I haven’t changed. Still gonna do what I do.”[3]

Well, Amber has wasted no time at all. This video finds her doing what she does best, and her powerful, soulful vocals in this cover make us question why she was sent home. Part of the reason why this cover is so powerful is because of the way it spoke to Amber on an emotional level.

“I heard ‘Bird Set Free’ a week ago and it was such an empowering song and so well written,” Amber told Reach Provo. “It was easy to connect with and I’m sure many people can relate to lyrics like that. Or at least they should. So I couldn’t wait to cover it.”

Make sure to like Amber Lynn on Facebook. American Idol or no American Idol, her voice is going to take her places. Watch the video below.

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