The National Parks Release New Music Video

The gorgeous new music video is now available on with a wide release tomorrow.

By Zach Collier

Today, The National Parks released the first official music video from their sophomore album, Until I Live. The music video is for “Coração,” the album’s opening track.

The National Parks have been promoting the video release heavily on social media over the last few weeks. Their call for art from fans based on the lyrics of “Coração” yielded some wonderful results. They also featured the five filmmakers who helped craft the new video on their official Facebook page: Caitlyn Cutler, Jonathan Turner, Jeremy Prusso, Jared Anderson, and Tay Steele.

The video, currently featured exclusively on, is breathtakingly gorgeous. Each filmmaker was asked to write and direct a segment based on their own interpretation of the song’s message, and those segments were stitched together into a beautiful whole.

“Coração” will receive a wide release tomorrow morning. Until then, make sure to check it out on, and stream the song on Spotify below. You can see The National Parks perform on Friday, March 11th as part of City Weekly’s Best of Utah Music 2016 show. Tickets are $10. You can get them online here.

UPDATE: You can now watch the video below!


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