SiDizen King Releases Collaboration With The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame’s collaboration with indie rapper SiDizen King works surprisingly well.

By Zach Collier

This past Monday, LA-based rapper SiDizen King released his latest single, “Disappear.” It features the distinct, angsty vocals of The Moth & The Flame’s Brandon Robbins on the hook. The track was mixed by Scott Wiley of Provo’s June Audio.

SiDizen King has worked with other Provo alums in the past as well. Last September, SiD released “Life is Good,” a track he worked on with McKay Stevens (The Vibrant Sound, Federal Empire) and June Audio’s Nate Pyfer. Pyfer was a founding member of The Moth & The Flame. He produced their self-titled debut in 2011.

King describes “Disappear” as a track “about lies and dark magic.” The glitched out, moody track is full of wonderful production choices. Effected, chopped and screwed guitar is present throughout. Wiley pulls some very cool panning tricks that make the track feel disorienting and mysterious. Otherworldly synth sounds are layered over a solid rhythm section comprised of reverby midi claps, effected tom samples, some nice midi hi-hat work, and steady synth bass that would feel at home on La Roux’s “Bullet Proof.”

Apart from the stellar production, SiDizen King does an excellent job at delivering an emotional, heartfelt performance. Dripping with frustration, he spits rapid, angsty lines about being controlled and deceived. His flow is excellent and engaging, punctuated at times by smooth, melodic falsetto that helps connect the spoken verses to the sung choruses.

The collaboration between King and Robbins works surprisingly well. Their performances match perfectly in terms of timbre and intent. I honestly think they match just as well as – if not better than – Matthew Santos and Lupe Fiasco on “Superstar.”

This is an excellent track, and a wonderful example of the magic that can happen when Provo artists collaborate with talent outside of the valley. We’re excited to hear SiDizen King’s debut EP when it drops this summer. Make sure to like SiDizen King on Facebook, and check out “Disappear” below.


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