Velour’s Semi-Annual Battle of the Bands Returns Next Week

Velour’s semi-annual Battle of the Bands returns this Monday.

By Zach Collier

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Velour’s Battle of the Bands is possibly the biggest platform for young bands in Provo and the surrounding areas to make a name for themselves and get established in the local music scene. Previous winners have ranged from local legends to Grammy Award winners. For the music fan in Provo, it is a great opportunity to see a lot of bands in one night and find new favorites. For local acts, it’s a perfect opportunity to find acts with similar sounds and get on the bill for future shows. This so-called “battle” really ends up being a place that welcomes networking and friendship.

As has been the case for a long time, every night, Monday through Friday, four bands will play a full set, and judges will pick a winner. The winner from each night will play again on Saturday night for the final round. There, judges will pick a winner based on performance, songwriting, and crowd draw. The results are announced at the end of the night.

This year the lineup is as follows:

Monday 6/20

  1. NED
  2. Kenton
  3. Pando
  4. Indigo Plateau

Tuesday 6/21

  1. The Mainstream
  2. The Day & Night
  3. Pipes
  4. Moody Pulp

Wednesday 6/22

  1. The Cold Year
  2. Motion Coaster
  3. Star Crossed Loners
  4. Grove

Thursday 6/23

  1. Eminent Sol
  2. The Solarists
  3. Mmend
  4. The Cardboard Club

Friday 6/24

  1. Melting Rain
  2. Newconnection
  3. Kitfox
  4. Sea Elephant

Personally, there are a few bands I am really looking forward to seeing. But looking at the lineup, I can’t help but think that Kitfox are a big standout here. They have been at it for a while and have found quite a bit of success along the way, including prime time television placements. Personally, I feel like they are the favorites to win it. That being said, Velour’s battle of the bands has always had surprises, so you never know what could happen.

Another interesting band to look out for would be The Mainstream. They are very young, and lack the experience some of these other bands have, but they have pretty mature songwriting for their age and are charming performers. Their charisma can really get the crowd involved, and that can have a big effect on the decision the judges end up making.

At the end of the day, regardless of who wins, Velour’s Battle of the Bands is a time when a lot of the people that make the music scene happen here get together to fellowship and enjoy some great music. Make sure to get out this week and come enjoy the music and the energy of the scene.

Velour’s Battle of the Bands is happening June 20th through June 25th next week. Doors open every night at 8PM, with shows starting around 8:30PM. Tickets are $7 at the door (cash only). Make sure to like Velour Live Music Gallery on Facebook to find out who will be performing in the finals next Saturday, and keep your eyes out for daily Reach Provo recaps all week long. Check out this cover of “Bird Set Free” by Amber Lynn – former American Idol contestant and last fall’s winner of Velour’s Battle of the Bands.


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