Motion Coaster Releases New Music Video

“Take the Seasons” is the first official music video from this budding Provo band.

By Zach Collier

Yesterday, Provo indie-pop band Motion Coaster released the official music video for their song, “Take the Seasons.” The music video, while definitely strange, is hilariously entertaining. The band’s upbeat, energetic music – featuring peppy bass lines and a horn section – plays as the band chases masked thieves through town to get their instruments back.

“Shooting the video took about twelve hours,” says lead vocalist/bassist Dee Kei Waddell. “We were so tired, and right after the shoot we played a show at Velour. That day was super duper crazy but it was one of the best days ever.”

The concept for the video originated from guitarist Ben Walbrecht. “We had the general idea of making a goofy video that is fun,” says Waddell. “Then Ben came up to me one day and talked about having our instruments stolen, etc. and then ending at a big show.” The video was shot and edited by the Salt Lake-based video production company, Arctic Storm Media.

The album art for “Take The Seasons.”

When asked why the band chose to release “Take the Seasons” as a single, a laughing Waddell said, “Honestly, the reason why we chose that song is not because it’s our best song. The reason why we chose it is because it’s the most fun to play! Even during practice, we can’t help but dance while we play that song. The song equals a great time!”

Motion Coaster is comprised of Dee Kei Waddell, Ben Walbrecht, McKay Salisbury, Bao Ha, Kamen Myers, and Mike Nishiguchi. Make sure to like Motion Coaster on Facebook, and check out their official music video below. “Take the Seasons” is available on iTunes and Spotify.


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