PACE Takes Their Music In a New Direction

Brother/sister pop duo PACE have released a new music video ahead of a performance tonight at Audio West.

By Zach Collier

While PACE is known for their comedic videos and music releases, with songs like “Marshmallow Dreams” and “Hipsters,” they recently released their most earnest, serious work to date. The Provo-based pop duo released a music video yesterday for their new single, “Forward.” You can feel that the song means a lot to PACE, and that they poured their hearts into the recording process. This change in overall tone and feel is a welcome one that showcases their ability to craft some wonderfully impactful horn arrangements and vocal harmonies.

Inspiration for the song came from an experience band member Jessica Pace had while living in San Fransisco. “She was trying to make it in the dance world, but was working a crappy job, and not dancing much,” says her brother and bandmate, Matt Pace. “One day, while riding her bike, she just couldn’t take it anymore and had a meltdown, literally at the corner of Diamond and Bosworth in San Francisco. She jumped off her bike and ripped her stifling coat off, screaming at the sky. Most of us have moments like that, and we wanted to write a song that could acknowledge that and help people move past it.”

“I think it just came from feeling stuck, depressed, with no desire to do anything,” says Jessica. “It all started with the bike scene. The moment I knew things had to change. We want people to know that they matter and that they are not alone. They are enough.”

The video features an extended dance sequence set atop a UVU parking garage, choreographed by Jessica herself. It was shot over the course of five hours by Travis Moore of Mango Films. In addition to providing vocals, Matt Pace arranged, produced, tracked, and mixed the song in his home studio. He also provided trumpet, guitar, and keys. The song also features Josh Dutton on harmonica.

PACE will be performing tonight, June 30th, at Audio West in Orem with Lakoda, Eminent Sol, and Boy King. The show starts at 7PM. Tickets are $7 pre sale, $10 at the door. Make sure to like PACE on Facebook and watch the music video for “Forward” below.


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