Lehi’s Red Sleeves Gears Up For EP Release

Lehi’s indie pop-rockers are releasing their first EP this week.

By Zach Collier

Lehi-based pop rockers Red Sleeves have recently announced the release date for their upcoming debut EP, Ok. The album is slated for a wide release on major digital distribution outlets on July 21st, 2016. The band has been recording for the last year after releasing demos and teaser-music videos for their songs “Hurricane” and “Bliss.”

Ahead of the EP’s debut, the band has released a brand new song entitled “Brainstorm.” In the past, Reach Provo has described the Red Sleeves sound as a youthful blending of twenty øne piløts and Weezer. Where “Hurricane” was definitely all Weezer and “Bliss” incorporated some time shifts and quirky synthesizer in the style of twenty øne piløts, “Brainstorm” sits squarely in the middle of those two extremes. Arguably much more upbeat and carefree than their previous releases, this song features some portions of spoken lyrics and some slick production. It will be interesting to hear the song in context of the rest of the EP.

Red Sleeves has actively played shows at venues across Provo for the last year and a half, performing alongside acts like Foreign Figures, Telesomniac, Doris Day., and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. After a lineup change, the band now consists of lead singer Nathan Stone, bassist Jesse Rees, and drummer Damon Evans. The record was produced by Chance Clift of House of Lewis.

Make sure to like Red Sleeves on Facebook and listen to “Brainstorm” below! Ok is due out this Thursday.


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