The Strike Releases New Single and Music Video

The Strike just released a new single ahead of their upcoming full length album.


By Zach Collier

Yesterday, The Strike released the music video they teased at a private event at Audio West last April, shortly before their Rooftop Concert Series performance. The video for their newest single, “Eye for an Eye,” was shot by Jack Mergist and the video crew at Big Door. It uses hyper stylized imagery to tell the story of a dysfunctional love-hate relationship.


The track marks the beginning of a style change for The Strike. While their signature horn section makes an appearance in the song during the last 45 seconds, this song is much more reminiscent of 80’s dance pop, featuring a blippy electronic rhythm section, groovy bass lines, cowbell, and plenty of synthesizer. The song, overall, is a good fit for Crabb’s voice. This is the first single from The Strike’s upcoming album, due out later this year. It’ll be interesting to see how tracks like “Human Right” and the updated version of “One Night Of You” translate into recorded form – especially when played alongside new songs like “Faint of Heart” that feature a more traditional Strike sound. Regardless, we know the production will be good. “Eye for an Eye” was recorded at June Audio with producers Scott Wiley and Nate Pyfer.

As part of a social media campaign, anyone who shares the “Eye for an Eye” video on Facebook will receive a free digital copy of The Strike’s new album when it comes out later this year. Those seeking a free copy must send an email with a screenshot of their shared post to

Make sure to like The Strike on Facebook and watch the music video below. “Eye for an Eye” will be available on all digital distribution outlets like Spotify and iTunes tomorrow, July 22nd.


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