Wish Granted Records’ T.Fitz to Break 30,000 Streams

Wish Granted’s T.Fitz has released two sleeper hits, making him one of the biggest hip-hop artists in Provo.

By Mike Romero

Since the label’s official launch party in April of 2016, the small team of producers and artists at Wish Granted Records have been quietly writing, recording, and releasing new material. However, the bulk of that material isn’t coming from where most would assume. Instead of focusing on their solo vocalists Michael Barrow and Belle Jewel, the label has made aspiring R&B/Hip Hop artist T.Fitz its top priority.

The label signed T.Fitz shortly after the independent release of his mixtape – The Tape – on SoundCloud. Its most successful track, “8town Hero” racked up nearly 2,000 plays without label backing. Wish Granted connections ran deep early on, as the song’s chorus featured vocals from Wish Granted’s Michael Barrow. Response to the mixtape was generally positive, with T.Fitz’s soulful baritone vocals receiving praise. While his raps sounded like a weird mix between Michael Franti and Drake, it was the Michael Franti end of the swagger spectrum that made his awkward flow palatable. You could hear T.Fitz having a good time. Unafraid to be himself, he let loose and had a blast cutting a mixtape. That’s something you could feel, even when things got introspective.

Since that time, T.Fitz has released two singles ahead of his debut album. Both songs feature greatly improved production under the direction of producer Grant Fry. With a much better flow, T.Fitz has found a style that works particularly well for him, blending quick lyrical delivery with soulful hooks. The hook-heavy “We Back” is a light-hearted summer jam. “Jealousy” features vocals from LA based singer/songwriter Rachel West. Their vocal interplay works incredibly well, and is hands down the best T.Fitz collaboration to date.

“Jealousy” has been streamed 21,000 times on Spotify, and “We Back” has received nearly 9,000 streams of its own. While not the most streamed artist in Provo by any means, T.Fitz has unexpectedly passed/caught up to more established Provo hip-hop artists like Na-G and Mimi Knowles. Set to break 30,000 streams this week, T.Fitz has become the most streamed artist on the Wish Granted roster.

His debut album, Happy Valley, is set to drop September 8th, 2016 at his album release show at The Complex in Salt Lake City. The show will also feature performers TIDES and Rufio. Tickets are available for $12 online here. Doors open at 7PM.

Make sure to like T.Fitz on Facebook and listen to “Jealousy” by T.Fitz and Rachel West below!


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