Provo Music Playlist – September 2016

September is upon us. Bring some great new tunes back to school with you.

By Richard Provost

Hungry for some new music? Check out Reach Provo’s official Provo Music Playlist on Spotify! September’s playlist features our favorite tracks from the local music scene. These are tracks from artists we’ve reviewed, interviewed, or seen live. You can stream the playlist below. Make sure to follow us on Spotify for monthly compilations!

Artists and songs featured on the September ’16 Provo Music Playlist:

“Temporary” – The Solarists
“Always Keep You Warm” – Kitfox
“Nowhere to Go but Up” – Kindred Dead
“Do What You Want” – Spirit City
“Run so Far” – Rhyme Time (Feat. Yahosh)
“Curves” – Brother.
“These Are The Words” – Festive People
“Corner With Me” – Emily Bea
“Break or Bury” – Sunsleeper
“Fire” – Former Tides
“Workin’ (Feat. David Archuleta)” – Jamesthemormon
“Better” – Mimi Knowles
“Queensway” – Coral Bones
“Prisoners” – Static Waves
“Walk With Me” – Luna Lune


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