News Shows This Week (9/6/2016 – 9/10/2016)

The shows happening this week in Downtown Provo!

This Friday, September 9th, Velour opens its doors once again for a show featuring Foreign Figures, Brogan Kelby, and The Crosswinds! Tickets are $8 at the door (cash only). A #FixTheFox show, all proceeds will go towards finding Velour owner Corey Fox a kidney.

Saturday, September 10th, Arizona touring artist Kenny Holland – known for playing the lead role in the Saturday’s Warrior reboot – will take the stage at Velour. Tickets are Tickets are $15 online.

Per usual at Velour, doors to these shows open at 8PM, with shows beginning around 8:30.

Muse Music

This Thursday, September 8th, Muse will welcome Mel Soul, Andrew Wiscombe, Nephi Henry, and Jana Koskie to the stage.

Friday, September 9th, White Collar Caddy will be hosting an album release show, featuring mojave nomads and Sonsapapa.

On Saturday, September 10th, Mesa Arizona’s Mimelight will stop at Muse Music. Crooked Feathers and Sonnen will also perform.

Tickets to all these shows are $7 at the door. Doors open at 8PM.

Gezzo Hall

As of the writing of this article, Gezzo Hall has not announced any shows for this week.

Special Events

Thursday, September 8th, T. Fitz is releasing his debut album Happy Valley at The Complex. Also on the bill are Tides and Rufio. Tickets are $12 online in advance and $15 the day of. The show starts at 7PM.

Friday, September 9th, the Made in Utah Music Foundation will be hosting Led Zeppelin Encounter, a night of covers from over a dozen local musicians. The show is happening at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre in Orem at 7:30PM. Tickets are available online here, starting at $10. You can also purchase tickets at the event. Discounts for students available.

While you’re waiting for these shows to start, check out “Dysfunctional” by Brogan Kelby!

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