The LoveStrange to Release New Single Monday

Halloween’s about to get a bit stranger. And you’re gonna love it.

By Mike Romero

There’s only two more days until Halloween. Do you know what that means? A brand new, surprise release from local retro-rockers The Love§trange. The band is set to release a two-track retro-punk CD Monday night at Velour Live Music Gallery, where both songs will be streamed live.

All CD sleeves on this release are handmade by the band, using a unique design technique developed by the band and the band family. A limited edition CD, only 65 copies are being made.

“This CD is not just a set of tracks. It’s an art project,” says frontman Karl Strange. “And there’s something intentionally flawed, raw and unpolished about this art.”

One of the tracks, entitled “Give A Little More”, contains elements of lo-fi 70’s punk. Its raspy distortion is definitely true to The Love§trange’s sonic palate. The track was produced by Nate Pyfer, who will also be performing Monday night with his local supergroup Pinguin Mofex. The group features members of Sego and Book on Tape Worm. David Bowie cover band Major Tom & The Moonboys will also perform.

When asked why The Love§trange decided to release CDs with handmade jackets, Strange replied simply: “We’re not in it for the money. We’re in it because we’re a little strange.”

The show is Monday, October 31 at 8PM. Tickets to the show at Velour Live Music gallery are $10 at the door (cash only), $8 if you’re in costume. Prizes will be rewarded to patrons with the best David Bowie costumes. Make sure to like The Love§trange on Facebook. You can hear “Give A Little More” below!


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