Provo Music Scene Celebrates Christmas

Utah Valley musicians unite with Provo City to raise money for those in need.

By Zach Collier

Last December, Provo City solicited the help of some of its biggest musical acts to create a Christmas compilation album. Released on December 8th, the album was distributed exclusively through the official website of the Utah County chapter of United Way. 100% of the proceeds went to United Way’s Sub For Santa Program. In addition to the album release, directors Becky Baker and Lane Russell shot a series of 11 music videos featuring all songs from the album. [1]

This year, Provo City is at it again. With a talent roster that includes Coral Bones, The Lower Lights, Mimi Knowles, Quiet House, and Salt Lake’s house group Late Night Alumni, this album recaptures the magic of the music we fell in love with last year.

The album was recorded by several prominent Provo producers, including Scott Wiley and Nate Pyfer of June Audio and Stephen Cope of Studio Studio DaDa.

Regarding Merry Christmas, Provo – Volume Two, Mayor John Curtis said: “One thing we adhere to well in Provo is tradition, and last year thanks to the generosity of donors, community and musicians we knew we had the makings of a new Provo tradition. We had so much fun and reaped so much joy from producing a unique and creative Christmas CD that we’re doing it again! We’ve gathered some of Provo’s most gifted artists together to create a second holiday CD that not only celebrates the abundance of talent in our community but helps us raise money for United Way’s Sub for Santa effort.” [2]

Sponsors for this album include NuSkin, Zion’s Bank, Google Fiber, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and Swire Coca-Cola.

United Way Worldwide is a nonprofit organization that works with roughly 1,200 local United Way offices to pool fundraising and support efforts. Each chapter’s focus is to first identify and then resolve local issues in the community. They partner with schools, government agencies, businesses, and other community collectives to build safe societies and foster community growth. Their mission is simple: “United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.” [3]

You can grab your copy of Merry Christmas, Provo -Volume Two here. Check out “A Very Rhyme Time Christmas” by Rhyme Time below.

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