Reach Provo 2K17 Update

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Reach Provo’s content is now part of the Provo Music Magazine archives.

By The Reach Provo Editorial Staff

Reach Provo was founded just over a year ago, and has been successful in taking the Provo music scene to new heights by creating a sense of community among music enthusiasts, members of our community, and musicians alike. Creating public awareness is key to building up our music scene, and is what we aim to accomplish. Some of the best music in the world has been created here in Utah Valley. Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, The National Parks, Joshua James – the list goes on. These acts, however, are not the only artists who deserve national attention. That’s why we need your help.

Reach Provo has recently shifted to new management, and will continue to build up our local music community; but our goal doesn’t end there. Our aim is to expand our reach beyond the local readership and to have the capacity to bring national attention to the greatest acts in Utah. We will do all that we can to make this a reality, but it ultimately can’t happen without you, our readers.

In 2016, Reach Provo gained quite the following and continues to expand. Our big plans for the upcoming year can be completely and fully realized only with your help. We, as a community, can make some serious waves and bring national attention to our beloved Utah artists by believing in this cause. With your likes, shares, comments, and by following us on all social media platforms, there’s no doubt that we’ll contribute to our favorite Utah artists going viral. So thank you for the big help in 2016 – and thank you in advance for another amazing year. Here’s to a new year full of the best music around!

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