Hannah Sophia’s “A Year of Music, Art, and Storytelling”

A local singer-songwriter is releasing new music, with songs centered around the seasons.

By Mary Bagley

Hannah Sophia, a Provo local, is expanding her horizons by providing listeners “an entire year of music.” This collaborative project combines both music, art, and videos into one coherent whole.

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Hannah Sophia graduated from the Commercial Music program at Brigham Young University. When asked about her inspiration for her project, she explained that she had accumulated quite the array of songs since she began writing music at the age of fourteen. She wrote the collection of songs over an eight year time period, and it encompassed a vast span of memories and growth. She couldn’t decide quite how to organize her music, until late one night when the idea came to her. She would organize the songs into “seasons.” Hannah Sophia then compiled these songs into four EP’s representing each season of the year: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Along with each of these EP’s, Hannah Sophia has created accompanying art and other various visual projects.

“I love creativity in all of its forms. I have been blessed to be able to express myself through music, words, and art,” she says.  “I really want people to understand that this is me giving them a year – an experience – through music, and art.”

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Each of her songs will be released three weeks apart with an entire EP coordinating to the season, released on the Solstice/Equinox of each season.

With a sound for fans of Ingrid Michaelson and Mindy Gledhill, you won’t want to miss Hannah Sophia’s newest project, A Year of Music, Art, and Storytelling.

For more information on Hannah Sophia, her project, and upcoming shows, check out her website:


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