Velour’s 2018 Summer Battle of the Bands

Here’s where to find all the music.

By The Reach Provo Editorial Team

Arvo’s beautiful watches are designed in Utah.

Velour’s battle of the bands boasts some seriously excellent acts from past years. We dare you to go to Velour without hearing them name drop Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and The Aces (it’s impossible by the way). With the event being a great way to discover upcoming acts, it’s sometimes a bit tough to Google, Facebook stalk, and Spotify search every one of the acts that are in the lineup each year.

So we’ve done it for you.

Here’s a playlist of every band that has content on Spotify.

And here’s everything we could find online for every act in Velour’s 2018 Summer Battle of the Bands. You’re welcome.

Monday 6/11

Harbor PatrolSpotify Facebook Instagram
Sepia RiaSoundcloud Facebook Instagram
EixoSpotify Facebook Instagram
RoomersLive Video (Instagram) Facebook Instagram
Skullcandy. Utah’s headphone manufacturer.

Tuesday 6/12

The Backseat LoversSpotify Facebook Instagram
Carlos ViiSpotify Facebook Instagram
Brass RookSpotify Facebook Instagram
The Band VeraSpotify Facebook Instagram

Wednesday 6/13

Blix10Spotify Facebook Instagram
JumpmonkSoundcloud Facebook Instagram
Phantom FutureSpotify Facebook Instagram
GoochSpotify Facebook Instagram
Provo’s finest beard wash.

Thursday 6/14

The CroniesSpotify Facebook Instagram
Indigo WavesSpotify Facebook Instagram
KentonJames McIntyre Live Session Facebook Instagram
Sofi GevSpotify Facebook Instagram

Friday 6/15

Footlight ParadeYouTube Facebook Bandcamp
Tate Sexton & The Attic KidsSpotify Podcast Instagram
Fake BlondeSpotify Instagram Bandcamp
The RubiesYouTube Facebook (Event) Bandsintown
Thread Wallets is a Utah company.

Oh and here’s their nifty poster for reference:

Stay cool, Provo.


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