Tal Haslam Becomes Idiot Kid

Being ready is overrated. Just break things.

By Jordan Ottesen

Former Grey Glass frontman Tal Haslam has struck out on his own, diving into a grittier sound alongside former Grey Glass bandmate and frequent collaborator Eli Pratt. We talked about lyrical honesty and what it’s like taking new musical risks.


What’s the inspiration behind the name?

We tried using the name Twenty-One Pilates but it was taken. But really, Idiot Kid is inspired by the numerous experiences we have had being written off for pursuing musical endeavors. It’s about knowing people think you are stupid for doing what you’re doing and shutting those people up. Just please don’t expect us to write a song about following your dreams. 

How would you describe the type of music Idiot Kid makes?

Idiot kid makes guitar riff driven rock music, with an emphasis on honest expression and honest performance. Rock music is in a pretty insecure place right now, so I want to make sure Idiot Kid’s music is really big and over-the-top sounding. I am hoping that a solid chunk of the scene hates it because I think good art is divisive at its core. Idiot Kid is going for polarizing. I want the music to be gross and hard to watch sometimes. 

Tal Haslam performing with Grey Glass at Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series.

How do you feel about the new music? Excited? Nervous? Angry? Emancipated?

I am actually super nervous about this release for a few reasons. I am making a conscious effort to be more honest in the lyric writing process to show integrity towards the music. For that reason the music has a pretty angry vibe given the breakup of the band I was in for four years and where the end of that all left me. I am pretty disappointed and pissed off and I think that comes through a bit more than I expected. That being said I am always excited to release new music into the universe. It’s just kind of like dropping your kid off at a school full of bullies hoping they can hold their own. Please vaccinate your kids. 

People are bound to be curious about Grey Glass. How is Idiot Kid different from Grey Glass? Is Grey Glass really over? Why the shift away from Grey Glass? Any parting words for Grey Glass fans?

For me, Grey Glass was a huge learning experience. When I started the band I had very little electric guitar/vocal/recording experience when it came to being in a full production group. Over the course of 4 years we had 8 members leave for various reasons (me probably being the biggest one). While I love all of those people and what they taught me about music, it was beyond exhausting to try and continue to replace people and keep everyone happy. I’ll never say never but for Grey Glass to get back together a lot of things would need to change. I am using Idiot Kid as a chance to be a better band leader and be more direct with both our audience and our team. My parting words would be thank you to everyone who came out to a show or supported our music, but also thanks to all my bandmates for dealing with my growing pains. I hope everyone involved at any point in the process goes on to be successful. 

Tal Haslam

Noted that Eli’s in Idiot Kid but the rest of your old band isn’t. What projects are they up to now? 

Eli is basically my musical soulmate so he will always be in the loop. Dude is a beast on the bass/piano but is also a really good person who has stuck by me when others did not. He’s also single. Scotty is playing in a new band called Drusky with Mia Hicken and my little brother Dallin. Their music is so cool! Casey started a hardcore/metal project that I have yet to hear but I would expect nothing less than amazing musicianship from him. 


What’s the inspiration behind the new single? What’s it about?

Karmelita on its surface is about an ex, but also about knowing something is over and still being tortured by feelings of remorse and resentment. Also insomnia. Also inspired by Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done.” AKA it’s the feel good hit of the summer. #happy

Do you have an album/more singles in the works? 

YES we have much more music on the way. Probably singles. 

Is Provo/The World ready for Idiot Kid?

Being ready is overrated. Just break things. 

Make sure to like Idiot Kid on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@idiotkidmusic) and Spotify. You can listen to “Karmelita” below!


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