Provo’s Hottest Songs of 2019

Millions of streams. All local artists.

By Mike Romero

2019 was a big year for Provo music. At least 150 different artists released music in Utah Valley last year alone. The 10 songs below were all released in 2019 and were the most-streamed Spotify tracks of the year. A one-track-per-artist limit was imposed in order to give a broad snapshot of the local scene. Keep reading to see who had the #1 local hit of 2019.

10. Michael Barrow & The Tourists – “Sweet Honey” – 250,000 Streams

The lead single from their EP Something New, this song is a fun, retro rock bop with elements of vintage soul.

9. The National Parks – “I Can Feel It” – 350,000 Streams

A standalone folk/pop anthem. Dual male/female vocals dominate a moody verse before breaking into an exuberantly catchy chorus.

8. Citizen Soldier – “Weight of the World” – 450,000 Streams

A stripped down alt-rock ballad for fans of Daughtry and The Goo Goo Dolls. Jake Segura’s lead vocals are emotive and powerful.

7. MR. Tape – “Come On (Feat. Kaskade)” – 500,000 Streams

A DJ duo composed of producers Nate Pyfer and Mason Porter, this electronic collaboration with 5-time Grammy Award-nominee Kaskade will make you sweat.

6. Jay Warren – “moment” – 575,000 Streams

Equal parts Motown soul and classic R&B, Warren’s powerful vocals are nestled perfectly between organ, bass, and smooth guitar. You couldn’t dream of a better wedding song.

5. Jamesthemormon – “Holiday (feat. taylor bennett)” – 1 Million Streams

From JTM’s final album, this collaboration with Hip-Hop game changer Taylor Bennett (AKA Chance The Rapper’s kid brother) is a laid back summer jam that warrants repeat listens. This song proves that Utah Hip-Hop should be taken seriously.

4. The Backseat Lovers – “Maple Syrup” – 1.1 Million Streams

These young indie rockers from Heber City exploded in 2019. Their quirky arrangements, angsty vocals, and cinematic lyrics perfectly capture the struggles of failed teenage romance and the fear of growing up.

3. Roseburg – “Wave” – 1.4 Million Streams

Spotify Editorial Playlists latched on to this surf-revival anthem and didn’t let go. At once driving and atmospheric, it features a great drum solo. Roseburg is definitely a band to watch this year.

2. Mimi Knowles – “Chew” – 2.1 Million Streams

My personal favorite from 2019. This funky indie pop gem will win over fans of Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, and Charlie Puth.

1. Ritt Momney – “Something, In General” – 2.5 Million Streams

The solo project of Jack Rutter, this song topped at least 3 bedroom pop-centric Spotify Editorial Playlists. A slow burn, this track will resonate with fans of Rex Orange County, Bon Iver, and Pet Sounds.


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