Electronic Artist DVDDY Featured in Alternative Press

This is another major feature on a growing list of major press features.

By Mike Romero

Alternative Press just released their “Top 40 Artists You Need To Hear In December.” Each month, the publication gathers the best new releases within the past four weeks from unknown artists and aggregates them into a one-stop shop for new music discovery. 

Among the top 40 artists this month was DVDDY, the nom de plume of Brendon Nielson. He has been featured by other major publications in the past as well, like TIME and Mashable. His song “Friends,” a collaboration with JTM, hit #2 on the Billboard hip-hop charts.

This month, his song “Goodbye” featuring Aaron Gillespie is in the spotlight. In a post to Instagram, Nielson expressed his excitement about the feature. “[This is] the same magazine that 15 year old DVDDY used to read at Borders because he didn’t have enough money to buy it,” he said. “It made my little emo heart sing.” You can check out the article here.

Make sure to like DVDDY on Facebook and follow him on Instagram (@DVDDYMusic). You can watch the music video for “Goodbye” below!


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