3hive Record Lounge Celebrates Third Anniversary

And they’re doing it in a big way.

By Mike Romero

What began as a collaborative MP3 sharing blog between three friends in 2003 has evolved into one of Provo’s most important music destinations: 3hive Record Lounge. It’s a brick and mortar store with an inviting minimalist atmosphere that allows patrons to physically interact with the music they love in the form of freshly pressed vinyl. They carry copies of both major and indie releases. In a world fixated on digital consumption that’s poised to enter the metaverse, having a physical music store in your community is simultaneously retro, novel, and sacred. We’re lucky to be one of those communities.


3hive Record Lounge first opened its doors in November of 2019. The first grand opening celebration took place on Record Store Day that same year and featured flash sales, an all day party, and DJ sets from the likes of DJ ScratchMo and Mr. Tape.

Patrons browsing the shelves at 3hive Record Lounge.

The tradition returned this year for the all-important 3rd anniversary. Velour Live Music Gallery hosted this fun holiday-themed celebration on December 13, 2021. 3hive staff bands Toothpicks and Backhand performed, followed by DJ sets from 08Grace and 3hive founder Sam Cannon himself. Admission to the celebration was only $3 – a generous price and a nice bit of marketing.

Now, 3hive is continuing their celebratory festivities! They’ve teamed up with 12 local Provo businesses to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. 3hive announces a new giveaway every day at 10 AM. 3 days in, they’ve already collaborated with the likes of Mozz Pizza, Foxglove, and Peace On Earth. Prizes have included free vinyl records and gift cards to these local businesses.

3hive is also known for supporting local artists. For example, they carried this Easter bundle to celebrate the release of Mindy Gledhill’s record, Rabbit Hole.

Not only has this been a fun way to celebrate three years of operation, this initiative is spreading Christmas cheer while encouraging people to get out and be physically present in our Provo community. Not gonna lie, after a year of streaming music alone while eating DoorDashed food in my apartment, it’s been lovely to walk Downtown Provo, smile at other music enthusiasts, and hold some music in my hand. 3hive is a sacred space for me in this city, and I hope to one day see a 3hive 30th anniversary celebration.

The next collaboration post goes live at 10 AM this morning. Follow 3hive Record Lounge on Instagram and check out their posts to see how to enter their giveaways. 3hive is located on 50 E 500 North #105 in Provo. They are open Monday-Saturday, 12 PM to 8 PM. If you need a song to jam to on your way to 3hive Record Lounge, check out “Be Nice ‘Cause” by Backhand below.


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