Les Femmes Spotlight #1: Emily Bea

Les Femmes De Velour 2022 is here! Les Femmes is a two-week celebration of female and female-fronted acts in the Provo music scene. To celebrate, we’re highlighting one artist from each night.


Emily Bea is a singer/songwriter from Salt Lake City, Utah. Reminiscent of Norah Jones and Ingrid Michaelson, she captivates audiences with her soothing vocals, playful melodies, and heartfelt lyrics.

For the past 10 years, Emily has performed at various venues around the country and frequently performs at weddings, country clubs, and other events. Emily has independently recorded and released 3 albums. She made her debut with 2012’s Love a Fair. 2014’s Bench for Two was followed by a successful single called “Scorpio” which earned over 600k streams. Emily’s most recent release is a home-themed album called Coming Back Home.

You can catch her tonight at 7:30 PM alongside Care, Alli Jane, and Mikkia at Velour Live Music Gallery. Tickets are on sale here. Make sure to follow Emily Bea on Instagram and listen to her latest full length record, Coming Back Home, below!


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