Les Femmes Spotlight #3: Cherish DeGraaf

Les Femmes De Velour 2022 is here! Les Femmes is a two-week celebration of female and female-fronted acts in the Provo music scene. To celebrate, we’re highlighting one artist from each night.

Deep in the woods, looking up at the moon, you’ll find Cherish DeGraaf, a singer/songwriter based in Provo, Utah. Her voice echoes with pangs of loneliness, and is adorned with fresh flowers plucked from the nearby babbling brook. Her songs are derived from holding a candlelight to the darkest corners of the soul, and create an ethereal landscape where one can ponder the self and heartbreak. She approaches her music with honesty, tenderness, and an unbridled hope that things will work out for the best.


A Teton-sponsored artist, Cherish released her first official single, “Ghost,” in 2017. Her song “Alright” was recently featured on our Dusty Deseret playlist, and she officially signed with the indie label Dance Cry Dance this month.

You can see her perform tonight at 7:30 PM alongside The Penny Candies, No Bad Ideas, and Sarah June at Velour Live Music Gallery. Tickets are on sale here. Make sure to follow Cherish DeGraaf on Instagram and listen to her latest single, “MOTION,” below!


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