Les Femmes Spotlight #6: The Rubies

Les Femmes De Velour 2022 is here! Les Femmes is a two-week celebration of female and female-fronted acts in the Provo music scene. To celebrate, we’re highlighting one artist from each night.


The Rubies are an all-girl band from Provo, Utah made up of members Aubrey Auclair (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Colette Macfarlane (lead guitar, keys, backup vocals), Avery Davis (bass), and Esther Olsen (drums). Prior to the formation of the band, Auclair and Macfarlane had been writing music together with the ultimate goal of finding more female musicians to play with. After a year of writing and holding onto the hope of forming an all-girl group, they finally found Olsen and Davis in the fall of 2017 and immediately clicked.

The Rubies’ debut record, I’ve Been Thinking, hit streaming services on 2019. Since then, they’ve released a steady stream of solid singles – 6 total. They headlined The Gateway’s Last Hurrah 2021 in Salt Lake City last December, and they’re scheduled to play the already sold out Kilby Block Party 3 in May.

Their dream is to inspire other girls to pursue music and to see more female success in the industry. You can catch them tomorrow night, February 25, at 7:30 PM alongside Drusky, Beeson, and Paige Fish at Velour Live Music Gallery. Tickets are on sale here. Make sure to follow The Rubies on Instagram and listen to their latest single, “You Can’t Hide,” below!


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