Velour Summer 2022 Battle of the Bands Recap – Night 4

See who won at the first sold-out show of the week!


By Grant Fry

For the first time all week, we had a sold out Battle of the Bands show – with a line still running out the door. Every band had a great crowd response. Lots of energy tonight for sure! It was also a much younger crowd than many other nights of Battle of the Bands so far.

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Up first was No Diploma, a relatively new band from West Jordan that formed just 6 months ago. They started the set with their recent single “Best For You.” The song was lots of fun. The band was very comfortable on stage, especially after only a few months playing together. The clear tone of the vocals felt very Shawn Mendes, with just a bit more of an edge. The keys player also performed vocals on a song. While the vocal performance was not quite as smooth as the main singer, there was plenty of energy behind his vocals to keep the crowd engaged. Their keys player also had a TON of energy, which was fun to watch. Overall, they worked the crowd really well, getting high marks in stage presence and crowd response. Excited to hear more from these guys in the future.

No Diploma. Photo by Molly McCoy.
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Next was Frantic Memories. With band members of ages 16 and 17, this young band from American Fork has been playing together for a year now. They were good at adding impressive theatrics: their lead guitarist played behind his head, and they threw out glow sticks for their song “Las Vegas.” You could tell they were excited to be on stage, and they got a great response from the crowd. The song “High School Girls” was my favorite of the set. I especially loved the breakdown section toward the end. While the vocal melodies were a little predictable and safe, Frantic Memories is on a great trajectory. They just need some more time writing songs to break out of that comfort zone melodically. Their vocalist performed a solo song that was the strongest vocal performance of the set, and really highlighted the potential they have to offer.

Frantic Memories performing their song “Las Vegas.” Photo by Molly McCoy.

VI was up next. Their fans were having a great time, and were nice and loud through the whole set. However, the vocals were a bit shaky throughout and, like Frantic Memories, the melodies were a little safe and predictable. Despite this, the keytar solo was sweet, their reversed keys were a really cool effect, and they had some quirky, endearing songs. Their third song was a ballad that was written for… wait for it… wait for it… chocolate milk! They closed their set with their strongest performance of the night, which was a great strategy.

VI had an EPIC keytar solo. Photo by Molly McCoy.

The last act of the night was Breakfast Biscuit. From Bountiful, they just released an album today which you can find here. Their set flowed pretty seamlessly and was full of interesting songwriting choices, with key changes and modulation throughout to keep the ears engaged. This set had another great crowd response. The vocals were gritty and had a lot of different textures to keep you wondering where things would go next. Breakfast Biscuit was not at all afraid to take some risks. It was a strong performance, and the originality of their writing was a breath of fresh air.

This was one of the best crowds I’ve seen at a Velour Battle of the Bands in quite a while. Anticipation was high in the room as the winner was being announced. The winner? Breakfast Biscuit!

Breakfast Biscuit poses for a photo after winning Night 4. Photo by Molly McCoy.

Night 5 of Velour’s Summer 2022 Battle of the Bands is tonight! Up next is KÕMAS, Cactus Tree, The Goodfellas, and Good Color. Doors open at 7:30 PM. While you’re waiting for the show to start, check out “good heavens, its pluto !” by Breakfast Biscuit below!


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