Toothpicks Says Farewell

For dedicated fans, this is the end of an era.


By Mitchell Tousley

Local band Toothpicks will be playing their final show tonight at 7 PM at Kilby Court. Toothpicks are part of local indie label UPHERE! Records along with other acts like Backhand and Nicole Canaan. They will be supported by Eyes Buggy and Bella Woods.

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Toothpicks was formed by brothers Cade and Rhett Murdock in 2020 during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 8th of that year, the band released their first album, How Mammals Eat, which was entirely self-produced. Toothpicks would go on to play a slew of shows, release two more albums and an EP, and build a small but dedicated fan base.


Their sound is enamoring. Combining sounds of the New York underground and California surf rock, their DIY approach is as dirty as it is a perfect execution of clear vision. This ultimate performance tonight will be a showcase in all of the great qualities of their music specifically, and Utah’s indie music scene generally.

“Toothpicks has been everything to me,” frontman Cade Murdock says. “From being my baby that I’d do anything for and treat so well, to that one friend you lose touch with overtime and feels more like a stranger. A stranger you know so well and still care for, but just not in the same way that you used to. I have only fond memories of Toothpicks. Tonight will be very bittersweet.”

Tickets are $10 online here. You can listen to their song “She’s Loaded” below.


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