The Boardwalk Under New Management

The Boardwalk has given punk, metal, hip hop, and more a home here in the Provo music scene.


By Mike Romero

Last June, The Boardwalk announced that they were in talks with local singer, guitarist, and musician Brian Cabello (of Stranded on Saturn) about a deal involving the venue. This week, co-founder Logan Casper announced that ownership of the venue would be changing hands in August 2022.

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The Boardwalk was founded by Logan Casper and Braxton Bitsoi in 2020. The venue opened in March of that year – right when the pandemic kicked off. Against all odds, the venue managed to adapt and has run consistently for a solid two-and-a-half years. And it’s been a great thing for the scene: after Muse Music shut down (and The Rad Shack soon after), there hasn’t been a space for alternative genres in the scene to perform consistently. The Boardwalk has given punk, metal, hip hop, and more a home here in the Provo music scene.

Logan Casper (left) and Brian Cabello (right).

So, why is the venue changing hands? Luckily, it’s all good news. Logan Casper landed a job at Sweetwater and moved his family to Fort Wayne, Indiana to be close to the Sweetwater campus.

“I can’t express my gratitude enough for y’all and all that I learned along the way,” Casper says. “I truly made so many friends during this and I’ll miss you a lot! What I can say is that if you have a dream, GO FOR IT! The worst that can happen is that you fail and try something else. But no matter what, you’ll learn a lot from the experience.”

Casper will continue to produce and mix as Boardwalk Studios. Shows will continue as scheduled under Cabello’s leadership. See what shows are happening this Friday and Saturday, and check out “I Want It All” by Hasha, one of this weekend’s acts, below!


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