Corey Fox A Guest DJ On KRCL

The station welcomed several guest DJ’s on air for their inaugural 801 Day.


By Zach Collier

August 1. 8/01. That’s the official date set aside by Salt Lake City radio station KRCL and other likeminded partners to celebrate all things Utah. For 801 Day’s first year, the radio station welcomed several prominent Utah cultural figures as guest speakers and DJs to share knowledge about their areas of expertise.


Some of those speakers included Jeremy Pugh, the editor of Salt Lake Magazine and author of the guide books Secret Salt Lake City and 100 Things to do in Utah (Before You Die); and Claudia Loayza of Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs, who launched a new series, Magnify Utah, to connect communities, places, and multicultural stories within the state.

Guest DJs included Angela Brown of SLUG Magazine, rising star Ritt Momney, and Provo’s very own Corey Fox. Fox joined KRCL host Ebay Jamil Hamilton on air to discuss his favorite Provo music from the 90’s to now.

KRCL Host Ebay Jamil Hamilton.

“The day was a celebration of all local music, and I had the difficult task of narrowing down a 30+ year career in local music to just 10 songs and stories,” says Fox. “Needless to say there were countless great bands and songs I would have loved to include if there was more time.”

Some of the songs Fox included were 1993’s “Baby Babaar” by Swim Herschel Swim, 2008’s “The Grand Exposure” by Return To Sender, 2011’s “Smoke Breathing Monsters” by Desert Noises, and 2022’s local masterpiece “Rim Of The World” by Lantern By Sea.

KRCL broadcasts on 90.9 FM. A non-profit organization, KRCL is a listener-supported community radio station. You can hear Corey Fox’s set in full below.


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