Jane Beeson: Shining a “Pink Light” on the Female Experience

“I love catchy music, but I also love music that has a raw message.”


By Julia Brunette

When I first heard her name I thought, “That has a nice ring to it.” Jane Beeson. A memorable name for a girl who can serve up a memorable performance.


Jane Beeson is a 21-year-old studying political science in Provo, UT. Aside from her love of politics, she is a passionate singer and songwriter.

Beeson recalls that her singing journey started at a young age. Like, car-seat young. She started writing her own music around the age of fifteen with her music teacher. When she moved to Provo, she began her career as a solo performer.

As of now, Beeson has two singles out: “Syrup” and “Pink Light.” 

Jane Beeson performing in Rexburg, Idaho. Photo by Julia Brunette.

“I released ‘Syrup’ on my 20th birthday,” Beeson says. “It’s a song about needing validation that you’re not getting in a relationship. Just needing people to tell you what you’re worth to them and not getting it.”

She describes how syrup is used as a metaphor in the song. She sings:

Back then I didn’t know I wanted more than cheap texts
Syrup like all your words
So sweet they make my teeth hurt

“Sometimes people say whatever they think you want to hear, but it doesn’t really have any meaning to it,” Beeson says. “They don’t mean it. Like, there’s nothing substantial to it. And that’s where the line in the song comes from. It’s about that concept of people just saying whatever you want to hear and not really saying what you need to hear.”


The concept for “Syrup” was something that Beeson started working on in 2020, and the single was eventually released in 2021. She says the process of releasing her first single was long and hard the first time, but now she has gotten the hang of it. She released her followup single “Pink Light” this past May.

“Pink Light” is about having a vulnerability hangover, and about deciding to let someone go.

“It’s almost like manifesting that you’ll be over someone or something,” Beeson says.

Beeson explains that the inspiration for the song comes from a moment she had with a pink-tinted window in the historic home that she lives in.

Jane Beeson performing in Rexburg, Idaho. Photo by Julia Brunette.

“In the upstairs bathroom, sometimes the light coming through looks kind of pinkish during the sunset,” says Beeson. “I was in the shower, I was trying to get over someone and I was like, ‘Here I am. I’m in the moment. I’m done. This is the last time I’m gonna be sad about this and moving on.’ And so the song is kind of both turbulent and reflective. It’s kind of celebrating both, like how you can be really sad about something and decide to let it go. And they can coexist.”

Although Beeson plans to graduate in political science, she says that music is her main pursuit and passion. She feels very passionate about issues and believes she can help shine a light on those issues through her music. She hopes to ignite activism with the messages of her music, just as she would if she were to become a lobbyist.

“I really want my music to celebrate the female experience,” Beeson says. “And I think that the female experience is really beautiful and sacred. I really hope to convey a lot of vulnerability and rawness in my music that I feel like a lot of girls relate to but might not get in music sometimes. I love catchy music, but I also love music that has a raw message.”

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and listen to “Pink Light” below!


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