Our Most-Read Stories of 2022

See which stories Provo was most excited about last year: from The Killers to a local tech startup.


By Zach Collier

2022 was a wild year for the Provo music scene. From The Killers releasing an entire album about small town Utah life to BYU constructing a multimillion dollar music facility on campus, Provo Music Magazine was there to document it all. Below are our 10 most-read articles of 2022.


10. Grey Glass Reunites to Fight Injustice

This year, Grey Glass released a surprise single entitled “Soldier in the Sun” – their first new release as a band since they announced their breakup on January 7, 2019. The band reunited after one of their biggest fans experienced a deep personal tragedy. Read the full story.


9. Velour Summer 2022 Battle of the Bands Recap – Night 1

Jeremy Thacker covered the stellar first night of Velour’s Summer 2022 Battle of the Bands, featuring RIP Cassette, Salt, Seaslak, and Tag!. Seaslak’s strong lead vocals, solid harmonies, and captivating performance secured them the first win of the week. Relive the night and see how the other bands did.

8. New Utah Rock Opera Holds Summer Preview

Pleasant Grove is an ambitious new rock opera inspired by a tragic true story from Utah Valley in the 1970’s. When a New York Times Bestseller capitalized on the death of a Utah teen, it spawned an urban legend and ostracized a mourning family. See how the band Bay of Pigs is trying to right the wrongs of the past by telling the family’s side of the story.

7. Swim Herschel Swim and the Glory Days of Provo Ska


Swim Herschel Swim used to draw thousands to their shows. Rumor has it that one of their shows closed a venue due to structural damage to the building. Read more about Swim Herschel Swim in this excellent retrospective by BYU’s Wikipedian-In-Residence Rachel Helps.

6. Poolhouse: Mario Kart, Their New Record, and 120 Shows In 2023

The cover story of our Fall 2022 print issue, Poolhouse is one of the few bands in the scene that has managed to make a living doing music full time. See how they made that happen, what they have planned for 2023, and watch our first ever Provo Music Magazine live session.

5. New BYU Music Building Nears Completion

BYU originally announced construction of a new music building in February of 2020. Work began in June that same year. This new facility includes practice rooms, small and mid-sized recital spaces, and a thousand-seat Vineyard-style concert hall for major shows and concerts. With four floors, the building is 170,000 square feet. It’s set to open this semester. Read more.

4. The Killers Visit Nephi, Utah

There’s something magical about seeing your home represented in such a profound, authentic, and beautiful way. This year, The Killers released Notes From A Quiet Town, a documentary and set of live performances detailing the band’s trip to Nephi, Utah. You can watch the film below and read more about it here.


3. Creating a Game Changing Music App: Bowie and Hunter of Mixlo

Mixlo is the first streaming service that allows you to find indie music being made by artists immediately around you – and it’s being developed right here in Utah. See how you can sign up for their open beta test.

2. Joy & Pain: Collette Astle’s Journey to Rediscovery

Collette Astle was a girl from southern California who came to Utah to attend BYU, and left for New York to pursue art shortly after graduation. Somewhere along the way things took a hard left, and she lost herself. Her self-titled debut album is all about her road to self-discovery.

1. The First All Girl Rock Band Was Born In Utah County

Another stellar retrospective from Rachel Helps, this piece highlights a fascinating and often overlooked aspect of Provo music scene history: the first all-girl rock band was a group of four Mormon sisters from right here in the valley. These gals rubbed shoulders with The Beach Boys and narrowly avoided Manson. It’s definitely worth a read.


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