5 Provo Restaurants Open Late

Need somewhere to eat after a show? We got you.


By Tim Jafek

As someone who often is out late with friends and sometimes even doesn’t have time to eat until later at night, I’m always looking for awesome spots in Provo that are open late. Although I feel like there’s not enough, here are five late night dives that will satisfy your desire for cravings, vibes, and hang out spots – especially after seeing a show downtown.

Bun Boiz

Bun Boiz is an awesome bao bun fusion restaurant! Bao buns and cheeseburgers like a funky combo, but there’s some awesome more traditional bao buns, and this place is a MUST TRY in Provo. 

Open until 10 PM weeknights and until 1 AM Friday and Saturday.


Five Sushi Brothers

Got that sushi craving? During the day? Late at night? Five Sushi Brothers has got you covered! They’re a great, more-Americanized sushi place. They have awesome simple roll options as well as more complex/traditional roll options. Every day they have a roll that is $5 all day. As an added bonus, on Saturdays from 10:30-11:30 PM all rolls are $5! Even at full price though, this place is so worth it!

Open until midnight Monday through Saturday.

The Social


The Social is an amazing place to lounge, meet up with friends, play pool, get mocktails, grab some food, and just hang out. This literally underground hangout spot is such a unique space and home to The Vibe, a dry bar with a bunch of fun and vibrant mocktails. They always have some cool events going on throughout the week, and you can check that out on their Instagram.

Open until midnight on weekdays and until 2 AM Friday and Saturday.

Boba Bee

Boba Bee is the best boba place in town! Excellent vibes, awesome service, and a bunch of great options to choose from. They’re owned by an awesome Taiwanese guy. In addition to boba they have paninis and a bunch of different flavors of steamed buns.

Open until 11 PM Monday through Saturday. Open Sunday until 9 PM.


The Twisted Cow

Of all the local places for ice cream in Provo, The Twisted Cow is where it’s AT! They have awesome handmade premium ice cream. In addition to classic flavors, they always have crazy cool flavors like horchata and cookie monster, and they have crazy monster shakes that are great for sharing – and super Instagram worthy!

Open weeknights until 10 PM and until midnight Friday and Saturday.

About the Author: Tim Jafek is a local foodie working to make the Provo community better through sharing good food and great experiences. Give him a follow on Instagram @provo.local.foodie for his full list of recommendations, photos, and menus. He loves to collaborate with local restaurants.


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