Album Review: Drama by Dasie

Welcome to Petty Pop, where drama is not only welcomed but appreciated.


By Ethan James Young

Taylor Swift is known for writing many songs – some about people she dated, in which she has been accused of being petty, picky, or even promiscuous. Taylor, and perhaps many other women, have had to explain or justify their life choices and reasoning behind the art they create even though they didn’t ask for opinion.


Former Utah native, Dasie, slaps back at this gaslighting problem by creating a brand new genre, “petty pop,” where drama is not only welcomed but also appreciated. Because more often than not, being “dramatic” is justified.

Dasie begins Drama at one of the most appropriately dramatic places: the opera. The arrangement of “Welcome to the Opera” has the best parts of pop (808s and hard hitting drum samples) and classical/romantic music (strings and choir). This pairing lets the listener know that this EP is going to have at least a few complimentary contradictions. 


And then the actual story begins. First, an ’80s pop inspired song, “Tainted Summer,” about the good memories that might have come at the beginning of a relationship. Next, a dark synth pop version of “Hopelessly Devoted” (R.I.P. Olivia Newton John) about harmful codependency. Each song adds to the absolute, moral justification of being petty.

The peak of Drama is the bridge of “You Wanted Me to Stay” – the finale per se. With synth pads that almost cry tears of joy and sorrow, Dasie shows how suppressed rage can turn into grateful relief.


As great as this EP is, Drama has a few small, short moments where an element or two feels slightly out of place. These are places where something else could have fit better instead. In the same vein, some songs lean towards overproduction. However, these moments are hardly noticeable, especially if you’re blasting these songs at full volume and screaming “I’m not crazy!” after a toxic break up.

Even though each song is great on its own, you will get more listening to the EP as a whole. I am excited to see which artists will dip their toe in the petty pop genre next! Who knows? Maybe we can see a Dasie/Taylor Swift collab someday. 

Make sure to follow Dasie on Instagram. You can listen to “You Wanted Me to Stay” below.


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