Chi Chi Le Möt Makes Their Long-Awaited Debut

After impressing audiences across the valley, the band has dropped their debut single.


By Mike Romero

Since their fantastic debut at Velour’s Winter 2021 Battle of the Bands, blues rock trio Chi Chi Le Möt has been slowly generating buzz via word of mouth. Having been present at half a dozen live performances (Buzzards & Bees, Fork Fest, and the like) the audience members I’ve spoken with post-show have consistently raved about the band’s rhythmic cohesion, gritty vocals, and electrifying guitar solos.


The group is made up of seasoned locals Dallin Major (guitar, vocals), Alessandro Improta (bass), and Reed Perkins (drums). The three of them have performed as either permanent members or session musicians/fill-ins for bands like Michael Barrow & The Tourists, The Penny Candies, Doris Day, Suit Up, Soldier, DateNight, Mac Wright & The Generous, Kin Lodge, Roadie, Motion Coaster, and more. Pop, folk, blues, soul, rock, punk – Major, Improta, and Perkins have played it all. And that experience shows in their furious live performances as Chi Chi Le Möt.

Chi Chi Le Möt’s Dallin Major (foreground) and Alessandro Improta (background).

Though the band may not be well known to the public (yet), local musicians have been patiently awaiting their studio debut. Last year, the band entered June Audio with producer Mason Winters to track three songs. The first single from these sessions, entitled “Moan,” dropped Friday, April 14.

“It’s always hard taking the sound and energy you bring to the stage and capturing it in the studio,” says frontman Dallin Major. “We will spend the rest of our time as a band trying to better figure that out, but we are very proud of the work we did with Mason.”

The cover art for “Moan” by Chi Chi Le Möt.

I definitely think they nailed it. “Moan” is everything I’ve wanted from a Chi Chi release. Rob Thomas-esque vocals, punchy drums, fuzzy bass lines, and finger-tapped guitar solos. Mason Winters’ production has added ample vocal layers and drenched them all in dusty reverbs that accentuate Majors’ pitch perfect lead performance and really take this song to the next level.

I’m stoked for the next two tracks – due out later this year. For now, make sure to follow Chi Chi Le Möt on Instagram. If you want to rage against crony capitalism to the tune of face melting guitar solos, check out their new single below.


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