Post Malone’s “Chemical” is a Product of Provo, Utah

It’s fascinating to see him support Utah’s economy and Utah’s music scene.


By Mike Romero

Post Malone is an artist who has consistently pushed boundaries with his music. Known for his unique blend of hip-hop and rock, the artist has earned a massive following of fans who appreciate his innovative sound. With the release of his new song “Chemical,” Post Malone continues to explore new sonic territories, showcasing a more introspective side of himself.


“Chemical” is a slow-burning ballad that explores themes of heartbreak and emotional turmoil – but it’s disguised as an upbeat summer anthem. If sound were a color, the song is a longing aquamarine.

The song opens with a simple guitar riff, accompanied by a plucky synth bass. Post Malone’s vocals are raw and vulnerable as he likens the pain of a rocky relationship to chemical dependency. The lyrics are simple but effective (and features a much-appreciated White Stripes reference in the chorus). The song’s climax is a stunning display of emotion, with Post Malone’s voice soaring over a sea of swirling guitars and pounding drums.

Post Malone tracking guitar at June Audio in Provo, Utah.

One of the most Provo-relevant aspects of “Chemical” is its production. The song was co-produced by Post Malone himself, Andrew Watt, and longtime collaborator Louis Bell. It was tracked right here in Provo at June Audio with engineer Jed Jones and acclaimed studio owner Scott Wiley. The studio has hosted Malone and his team this year as they work on their upcoming record.


A Utah resident, Post Malone made waves last month when he opened a new Raising Cane’s at the intersection of Fort Union Boulevard and 7200 South in Midvale. Salmon pink, the location lights up at night and has giant replicas of his tattoos all over the exterior. The interior features costumes and guitars from different eras of his career.

It’s been really fun to see Post Malone take such a liking to Utah. Many have commented on how kind he is (with many compilations of him being kind cropping up all over YouTube). He even bought an insane amount of couches and had them delivered to June Audio to make sure everyone was comfortable no matter where they were at in the studio. It’s fascinating to see him support Utah’s economy, Utah’s music scene, and to see him lay down some roots here.

Post Malone’s Raising Cane’s location in Midvale, Utah.

In a July 2020 appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Post Malone said that in Utah, “You feel like you’re a part of something bigger, but you’re so insignificant. And then you can just say ‘I accept everything around me, and I’m relaxed and at peace, knowing the world is spinning around you.’”

We’re glad he loves it here. The Utah music scene is proud to claim him. Catch the music video for “Chemical” below.


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