Egos and Sellouts

by Mike Romero

Steven Foster is our guest writer today. Check out what he has to say!

What the hell happened to playing music for the sake of playing music?Seriously you all know what I am talking about!!!Now to be honest, I am usually a fan of sticking it to people. I dream of a world where we can purchase guns, knives and medieval weapons at a drive through window and use them all by the time we get home. Basically anything that helps get rid of other people is OK with me.But seriously, a local band wanting to up the cover charge to one of their concerts is insanity. It is hard enough for me as it is to shell out 5 bones to see a couple of bands that I may or may not enjoy (likely not enjoy. Have you heard the crap they are passing off as folk music in this town??). I was at a concert recently where the headlining band (a somewhat well known band within the area, but nobodies outside of Utah Valley) wanted to charge $10 to see them and the seven dwarves play a small crappy venue with no existing sound system. Really?!? 10 bucks?? I am hard pressed to pay that for a band that I actually like and one that is not just made up of friends and family members.Now let me make this clear, I am not against a band making some money for their efforts. It is hard to put tons of hours and a fair amount of cash into a project without recouping at least some of that. I have been in that band and I know what it is like. What I have a problem with is the desire to make money becoming the focus. Or the desire for power, or prestige, or influence. These are all cancerous sores on any local music scene as well as on a band. It bugs the crap out of me when your fans become a means to an end as opposed to the end itself.To all of you bands who subconsciously (or consciously) seek the destruction of a good local music scene: Quit taking yourself so damn seriously! You are not Bono and you do not play in U2 or with Justin Bieber or whoever else is a big deal these days. Just take a minute and remember why you started to play music in the first place. I would hope that it is because you love making music (for those of you who started to make money, get girls, etcetera: I’ll see you in playing your guitar at a coffee house in Hell) for yourself, and for others to enjoy. There are so many talented people in the area, lets just get together and have a good time. When people play music for the love of music it starts to attract other music lovers. If you have ever wondered why the local music scene appears to be dead, look at bands that turn off typical music lovers with their idiotic narcissism.As a final note, a concert performed by real music lovers to other music lovers is a truly magical thing. It is one of the greatest tools of our society to make things better. For a split second you can motivate discontent, motion, change and improvement in our world. It is about working together and enjoying the differences in opinion, style and viewpoint of those you encounter. Be part of the unity that makes our music scene better. Only you musicians on an individual level can create the necessary change. Love the music and stop loving yourself.


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