Hello Twenty-Eleven!

by M. Lewis Barker

I trust you all had a lovely break, enjoying your respective holiday with your families. Our local venues also took a break, unless you count Tyler Glenn and Chance Clifton’s NYE dance party. But, judging by all the event invitations I’ve received on Facebook recently, there are a number of shows coming up this week.

Velour’s five year anniversary is this month, and they are going all out with the number of shows and bands playing.

This Wednesday at Velour, we will be graced with a show from Cody RigbyFoxheartKathleen Frewin, and the Mad Diving Barons. My band Wild Apples had the pleasure of playing a show with Cody Rigby a few months ago, and I’ve band a fan of his rather unique style of folk since. I know I often complain about the oversaturation of folk in Provo, but Rigby’s is original, emotional, and he has a band with the chops to bring his songs to life. I’ve also become a fan of Foxheart. Despite my complaints about them in the past, they’ve showed very steady improvement and I recommend you see them. I haven’t heard Kathleen Frewin, but the Mad Diving Barons (another folk band!) have some great songwriting, vocal harmonies, and musicians in their trio. The show will be worth the admission price for any of those bands, and I’m sure Frewin can also deliver.

And Thursday we get to forego the folk and rock out with Blind ActuariesFederal Party PlayersTighty Willis, and Chance Lewis. The Feds and Tighty Willis are both fantastic rock bands whose shows I always try to catch. The Feds feature Provo’s favorite guitarist, Pat Boyer, who brings a very upbeat 90s feel to the band. Chance Lewis is Provo’s second favorite white rapper. (Sorry Chance, but B$ has you beaten.)

Then Friday night is Isaac RussellDesert Noises, and the Devil Whale – some of Provo’s bigger acts. As of now, I haven’t seen any of them live, but I plan to remedy that situation this weekend.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten Muse! Thursday night we’ll have a rather packed acoustic showcase with Spiral DiaryDaveyKenzie Rosin, and Spooky Moon.

2011 is going to be a very exciting year for Provo Music. Despite my complains about homogenization, there is a tremendous amount of talent and diversity in our music scene. My own band is undergoing some serious retooling but we’re joining forces with D9 to create what I hope to be one of the most… hmm…. unique band in town. So I urge you to check us out when we return to playing shows next month. But there is still a lot to enjoy, so tell your friends about the blog and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook.

Leave your thoughts! Let’s not be afraid of discussion!


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