Read this post and respond to it.

by M. Lewis Barker

As I sit in my sister’s house in Salt Lake, listening to my family discuss the tragedies of the tornados in the south (my dad has been complaining nonstop that all the coverage of the royal wedding and Obama’s birth certificate is trivializing the large death toll in Alabama and its surrounding areas), I think to myself “my site hasn’t had much traffic the past few days, and that’s a shame, though it does seem rather pointless to worry about that with everything else this week, and also this is a very long sentence (so long, in fact, that this one sentence constitutes a whole paragraph).”

Even though winter refuses to die, it’s technically springtime and many of the college students have gone home for the summer to avoid paying rent for four months. This is always a problem with the Provo music scene, as many groups break up, shows become much more sparsely attended, and whatever small fanbase a band manages to form drifts off with the wind. But here at Provo Music Guide (dot com), we have no plans on taking a summer vacation. But we DO need your help.

We are starting a video blog/podcast, called Provo± (More or Less), where we interview local musicians, artists, business owners, etc who have contributed to the Provo scene. You can view the preview episode, “A Weekend In Provo”, by clicking on the bold, link-y section of this sentence. What we need from you, the reader, are suggestions on people we can interview and places we can go. So please leave a comment below or send me an e-mail with your ideas!

This entry needed a picture, so here’s me playing a weird solo set at Muse. Photo by Jack Murphy.

I would also like to congratulate our very own Alex Pow on becoming Muse Music‘s new media intern! Muse is changing ownership this weekend, and there are lots of big things happening down there. We’ll keep you updated!

And lastly, we are always looking for new writers. If you’re the type who goes to lots of local concerts, you’re perfect. So much happens in this town every weekend and our aim is to let you know about as much of it as possible. You can review shows, recordings, or tell us your opinions. Send an email to if you’re interested!

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend. Let’s hope summer shows up soon.



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