Fictionist on the Roof

by M. Lewis Barker

Fictionist played a show on a rooftop to the largest crowd I’ve ever seen outside Sugar Ray.

During the climax of their last song, they all floated away like balloons, drifting into the night sky until we could no longer see them. It was quite an exit.

Regular updates will happen again soon. But for now, help Fictionist get on the cover of Rolling Stone by clicking on this link and voting them “5” stars. Even if you’re not the biggest Fictionist fan, helping the win this contest will do wonders for the Provo music scene.

And for info and pictures of Muse’s Battle of the Bands this, check out their new blog, Musings of Provo, by our good friend and contributor Alex Pow. The finals are tonight so check them out.

Friday nights in Provo are wild.

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