Zoobfest: The Vibrant Sound, J.Wride, and NightNight in the courtyard

by M. Lewis Barker

Provo Town Square’s courtyard had some awful free hot dogs but much better music last night. A free concert meant that all of Utah County’s “other” people came out of the woodwork to hang out, look pretty, and watch some bands. I was there too!

NightNight, with the Vibrant Sound’s McKay Stevens, Book on Tape Worm’s Scott Shepard, and Moth & the Flame’s Nate Pyfer, played their unique brand of Postal Service-esque Indie Rock. It’s hard to tell if they actually sound like Postal Service and Death Cab or if Shepard is just singing like Ben Gibbard. Either way they put on a great show.

No one manages to bring out the zoobies like J.Wride. Their blend of jazz, rock, and pop is a perfect mix for those who try to color between the lines.

The Vibrant Sound recently opened for Sean Kingston, whose song “Beautiful Girls” is routinely covered by me. For that, I applaud them. Their music is also some of the best in Provo. It’s pure fun, well performed, and just all around good hip-hop.

Chance Lewis and Apt also played, but I missed it. They’re Provo’s greatest rappers, after B Money. Make sure to catch one of their shows in the future!

NightNight shows their indie cred.
McKay Stevens and Scott Shepard.
Jesse Wride knows how to play a piano.
Juh-juh-jaaaaay wriiiiide.
Huge crowd at Provo Town Square. Bros everywhere.
They can vibe my sound any time.
Le Som Vibrant

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