Summer Battle at Velour: Episode VI: Three-part Harmony of the Jedi

by M. Lewis Barker

Our finalists all came together last night for a show to be remembered. Swords were drawn, blood was slain spilt, and one rose victorious. Instead of reviewing all the bands a second time, I’ll give you some pictures instead.

What could all these folks be there for?

Pat B. & the T-Birds


Also here’s Patrick the Emcee!

Soft Science

Searching For Celia

Look at those crowds!

Lady & Gent

Five great performances from five great bands. Though I think most the bands put everything into their first shows because all but Lady & Gent sounded worse in the finals than they did during the week. L&G had quite an improvement for their last performance. So who won?

The crowd gathers to find out.
Patrick and Kaneischa get on stage to announce the winner.
Turns out it’s Lady & Gent! Huzzah!
Garret Williams is crowned King of Provo Indie.

Congratulations to Lady & Gent for winning Velour’s Summer 2011 Battle of the Bands! They had the best performance of the night and deserved the win. Twenty bands competed, and all twenty were very good bands. I may criticize here and there, but there wasn’t a single bad group all week. Many new friendships were made, new connections formed, and metals alchemized. Thanks for reading! It was the busiest week we’ve ever had! We’ve had over 1300 1500 hits this week!



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